Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Thanks To the Death Pongers!

For all of you who could make it to our Last Outdoor Ping Pong Death Match BBQ of the Summer this past weekend - that was an awesome BBQ! Thanks! Serious ping pong magic happened the other night, videos to come. We raised $550 on Sunday, all of which will buy us six very important cans of bottom paint for the boat hulls! Those three boats stacked in the shop are just waiting for the order to come in.

[It's a layer cake of boats!]

And HUGE thanks to everybody who donated and supported our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!
We're in the final hours and with 101 backers, we are only $435 away from our goal! Thanks to all 101! Please help us make the last hours count and push past our goal! It's all or nothing so our last hours are crucial.

For new and old friends, check out the Make zine blog post by Nick Normal, On the Gowanus We are Swimming Cities:
"New York City is a city of islands (save the Bronx, which is attached to the mainland), and as such, we are >surrounded by water and can only access the boroughs via bridges and tunnels. But for a city of islands, the waterways are not interacted with on a usual basis. Subways that magically appear inside the boundary of each borough are the primary form of transport, and even visits to area beaches are very specific and localized. A large portion of the water surrounding the city — in its rivers and docks — ebbs and flows without awareness.
Swimming Cities seeks to change all of that, both in the Gowanus and on the Ganges, with their art-experiential boats and projects."

In celebration (or bail-out) of our Kickstarter campaign, we are preparing a dance party next Saturday, Oct 23 (1089 Broadway, corner of Dodworth, $5 cover, $2 PBRs). And Pinatas by Llaves Design! Come! And better, yet, if you donate at the $50 level on our Kickstarter, you can get entry for two + two drinks each to this event, PLUS a double bonus entry + PBR each. Yea!

Contact us at our new Google Voice number (917) 740-0863, or send us an e-mail to theoceanofblood@gmail.com. You can also e-mail us to join our mailing list and receive our events newsletters. Thanks!

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