Saturday, February 12, 2011

Swimming Cities Annual Art Auction

Hello World!

Our boats are on the ocean en route to India. A huge thanks to everyone who helped us close that shipping container door. Now only 45 days until we see them again, in Farrukhabad!

In the mean time, please come out and support us at our annual silent art auction at Gallery 151, featuring 100 selected works. We will post a full list of artists and schedule of activities in the coming week, but save the dates February 19th and 26th for our opening and closing parties. An online auction will also be available for those of you outside of NYC.

350 Bowery St. Feb 19 & 26. 7pm-1am. Open Bar. Suggested Donation $10.
Sponsored by Original Sin Ciders & Brooklyn Brewery.
February 26 Performance by Sxip Shirey.

Artists include: Swoon, Tom Beale, Duke Riley, ImminentDisaster, Ben Mortimer, Tod Seelie, Ben Wolfe, Andrew Poneros, DickChicken, Conrad Carlson, Monica Canilou, Tony Bones, Malcolm McNeill, Charley Pratt, Jeff Stark, Isaac Aden, Doyle S Huge, Leslie Stem, Lopi Laroe, Katelan Foisey, Iris Stvn Lasn, Catherine Yaeger, Pat Seeley, Zev David Deans, Noah Sparks, Elizabeth Bentley, Nick Normal, Orien McNeill, Ksenjiya, Angie Kang, Ben Devoe, Czak Tucker, Alex Dyke, Virginia Reath, Dan Sabau, David Dowling, Ian Page, Jesse Roadkill Wilson, Tianna Kennedy, Kara Blossoms, Jess DaSilva, Mona Brody, Mayra Cimet Dattoli, Jackie Guido, Giacomo Fortunato, Tom Porter, Kristin Reger, Bucky Cox, and more.

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